Cotton Durable Flame Retardant

Cotton Durable Flame Retardant

Among various textile materials, cotton has the lowest limiting oxygen index (LOI) of only 18, which belongs to flammable fiber and is very likely to cause fire, limiting its use. Therefore, it is particularly important to carry out flame retardant finishing of cotton fabrics.

Alfa Chemistry provides cotton durable flame retardant, which is a phosphate ester reactive flame retardant that contains dual flame retardant elements of phosphorus and nitrogen. Its active N-methylol groups enable it to cross-link with the fabric, providing permanent flame retardancy.


AppearanceColorless or pale yellow liquid
SolubilityEasily soluble in water
StorageStored in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight



Cotton durable flame retardant provided by Alfa Chemistry mainly has the following advantages:

  • It can give cotton fabrics excellent flame retardant properties. After the flame-retardant finishing of the fabrics, there is no afterburning and smoldering phenomenon.
  • It has good durability, and can resist more than 50 times home laundry.
  • It has good compatibility with most finishing chemicals.

Usage and Dosage

This product can be widely used in the processing of cotton, linen, viscose and other fiber fabrics. It can improve not only the flame retardant effect but also the washing resistance when the resin is used together.

The reference application formulation contains 350-400 g/L of cotton durable flame retardant, 80-100 g/L of resin, 20-40 g/L of softener, 18-20 g/L of phosphoric acid and 0-3 g/L of non-ionic penetrant.

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