Fire Resistance Test of Flame Retardant Materials

Fire Resistance Test of Flame Retardant Materials

Alfa Chemistry has experts with rich background knowledge and can provide customers with professional fire resistance test of flame retardant materials to measure the performance of flame retardant materials. We look forward to hearing from you.


Fire Resistance Test of Flame Retardant Materials

Fire resistance of flame retardant materials one of the experimental methods used by laboratories to evaluate the fire resistance of materials is used to determine the fire resistance of materials in a fire. Evaluate the performance of flame retardant materials under fire conditions, including their burning rate, flame spread ability, self-ignition, heat energy release, and smoke production. These experimental results can be used to guide material design and selection to improve fire safety performance.

What Can We Do?

Alfa Chemistry has long been focused on the research and development of flame retardant materials, and can also provide professional fire resistance testing services for flame retardant materials in order to measure and evaluate the performance of refractory materials.

  • Flame contact test, expose the sample to an open flame, and record the time, burning rate and flame spread, etc.
  • Flash-ignition test, conduct flash-ignition test in a closed container, sense the critical conditions formed by flame or high-temperature source in the container, and record the flash-ignition time of the flame.
  • Flame extension test, quickly take out the sample after flame grilling and observe whether it can spontaneously ignite or continue to burn to determine the self-ignitability of the material.
  • Heat release test, placing the sample in a closed combustion furnace to measure the heat energy released and smoke production within a certain period of time.

Why Is Testing Necessary for Flame Retardant Materials?

Flame retardants are widely used in daily life, such as building materials, electronic equipment, chemical production and daily necessities industries. Through testing of flame retardants, key indicators such as flame retardant performance, thermal stability, and oxygen index can be evaluated. These test results can be used to compare with other flame retardants and select the most suitable flame retardant. At the same time, accurate testing of flame retardants is conducive to ensuring the safety of people's lives and property and meeting relevant industry requirements.

Are You Encountering the Following Issues?

  • How to choose flame retardant materials?
  • Unable to determine whether the flame retardant agent is qualified?
  • When you need to improve product performance, don't know what to do?
  • If you want to develop new products, you need to understand the cycle and technology
  • Not aware of how flame retardant materials are stored and used

When you encounter the above problems, you can contact Alfa Chemistry at any time. Our professional researchers will be involved throughout the process and stay in close contact with you to understand your needs and provide you with practical solutions to your problems.

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