Composite Flame Retardant for PA

Composite Flame Retardant for PA

Polyamide (PA) is an engineering plastic that combines mechanical, heat, chemical and self-lubricating properties, widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic, mechanical, textile, daily necessities and other fields. Its oxygen index is low, easy to burn and cause fire. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the flame retardancy of PA materials.

Alfa Chemistry offers a series of composite flame retardants for PA, which are mixtures of phosphorus and nitrogen-based compounds. When the polyamide resin cracks or burns, our flame retardants will foam and expand to form a porous carbon layer on the surface of the resin, insulating it from heat and oxygen as well as preventing molten droplets.


Phosphorus (P) Content≥ 17%≥ 17%≥ 19%≥ 23%
Moisture Content≤ 0.3%≤ 0.3%≤ 0.3%≤ 0.3%
Relative Density1.53 g/cm31.53 g/cm31.34 g/cm31.7 g/cm3
Bulk Density0.59 g/cm30.59 g/cm30.48 g/cm30.91 g/cm3
Decomposition Temperature≥ 330 ℃≥ 330 ℃≥ 350 ℃≥ 380 ℃
Particle Size11-15 μm D5011-15 μm D5011-15 μm D5011-15 μm D50



Our composite flame retardants for PA mainly have the following advantages:

  • They are non-halogenated flame retardants, which are environmentally friendly.
  • They do not absorb water, do not precipitate, and have good compatibility with resin.
  • They have good temperature resistance and excellent processing performance.
  • They also have a certain role in inhibiting smoke generation and do not generate toxic or corrosive gases.

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