Innovative Flame Retardant Design

Innovative Flame Retardant Design

With the development of flame retardant technology, in addition to flame retardant properties, people have begun to pay more attention to other comprehensive properties of flame retardants, such as safety, environmental friendliness and sustainability, etc. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with innovative flame retardant design services to help you develop environmentally friendly and sustainable flame retardant solutions.


Optional Innovative Flame Retardant Design Services

Combining professional flame retardant experts and advanced testing equipment, Alfa Chemistry has excellent flame retardant design and development capabilities. Our design capabilities include but are not limited to the following types. If the innovative flame retardant design options you are interested in are not listed here, please contact us to discuss your specific design needs.

Plastic Flame Retardant Formulation Design

Adding flame retardants directly to resins is a simple and easy way to improve the flammability of plastics. Alfa Chemistry develops and provides flame retardant formulation services for plastics based on end applications and customer requirements. The formula design process mainly includes confirming the material type, confirming the flame retardant grade requirements, and confirming other performance requirements.

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Bio-Based Flame Retardant Design

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection and resource utilization requirements, greening has become the inevitable choice and development trend of flame retardants. There is an increasing focus on the development of bio-based materials to meet sustainability requirements. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with design and development services for green, renewable bio-based flame retardants, including sugar-based compounds, bio-based aromatic compounds, proteins, phytic acid, etc.

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Polyphosphazene-Based Flame Retardant Design

The main chain of polyphosphazene is alternately arranged by the single and double bonds of phosphorus and nitrogen, which results excellent natural flame retardancy, synergy and thermal stability. Alfa Chemistry provides you with innovative polyphosphazene-based flame retardant design services, such as linear and cyclic cross-linked structures, to help you create environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant solutions. In addition, the design of microscopic morphology of polyphosphazene, such as nanotubes, microspheres and nanosheets, is also available.

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Flame Retardant Fabric Design

The use of flame retardant fabrics can effectively delay the spread of fire and avoid more casualties, especially in public places. Alfa Chemistry can carry out flame retardant modification of flammable fibers or fabrics with suitable flame retardants by various methods. Our fabric flame retardant modification capabilities include fiber flame retardant modification and fabric flame retardant treatment.

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