General Physical and Chemical Performance Analysis

General Physical and Chemical Performance Analysis

Whether in the research or development process of flame retardants, adequate analysis of general physical and chemical properties is very necessary. Alfa Chemistry provides comprehensive and systematic physical and chemical property analysis services for flame retardant materials, assisting you to explore or develop new flame retardants.


What Can We Do?

Combining advanced experimental equipment and experienced material chemists, Alfa Chemistry provides physical and chemical performance analysis and testing services for flame retardants, and provides you with detailed corresponding reports.

The physical and chemical properties of flame retardants, such as size, morphology, chemical composition, mechanical properties, etc., have an important impact on the combustion performance of the material. Our materials chemists will advise you on professional service selection based on product and customer needs, ensuring the best analytical testing solution. Our analytical testing capabilities include but are not limited to the following items:

  • SEM - Morphology and dimensions
  • XRD - Composition, crystallinity
  • BET - Specific surface area, porosity
  • Laser particle size analyzer - Particle size distribution
  • Densitometer - Material density
  • Friction and wear testing - Friction and wear properties
  • Universal testing machine - Tension, compression, bending, shearing and other mechanical items
  • MS - Chemical structural composition
  • FTIR - Functional group characterization
  • XPS - Elemental composition in materials
  • Raman - Qualitative and identification of crystal forms; stress, tension, doping, etc. of materials
  • UV/Vis/NIR diffuse reflectance test - Substance composition, content and structure

If your project of interest is not listed above, please contact our team of experts to discuss your specific needs.

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Comprehensive and systematic testing and analysis services

Research Information

Structure-property relationship of flame retardants

Techron et al. developed a series of polymer flame retardants and elaborated the structure-activity relationship between molecular structure and performance. The study found that the chemical groups on the main chain of the prepared P-N polymer flame retardants seriously affected its pyrolysis behavior, thermal stability and flame retardant properties. Compounds with oxygen atoms in the main chain of the molecule have higher thermal stability and lower heat release, showing excellent flame retardant properties.

General Physical and Chemical Performance AnalysisSEM and Raman spectra of the carbon layer of the polymeric P-N flame retardant. [1]

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  1. Qilong Tai, et al. (2011). "Synthesis, structure–property relationships of polyphosphoramides with high char residues," J. Mater. Chem. 21, 6621-6627.
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