Flammability Test of Flame Retardant Materials

Flammability Test of Flame Retardant Materials

Alfa Chemistry has experts with rich background knowledge and can provide customers with professional flammability testing to measure the performance of flame retardant materials. We look forward to hearing from you.


Why Is Flammability Testing of Flame Retardant Materials Necessary?

To measure the performance of flame retardant materials, professional flammability testing is required to prove that the flame retardant material meets the requirements and specifications. Materials that do not meet relevant industry standards will be prohibited from entering the market.

What Can We Offer?

Will your product catch fire? Alfa Chemistry provides professional fire protection and flammability testing technology, and standard-certified combustion laboratories can evaluate products and materials upon request. Its testing service range includes daily necessities materials, industrial clothing, furniture products, consumer goods and textile products. Alfa Chemistry's flammability testing services include:

  • Ignition sensitivity test
  • Ignition rate test
  • Flammability test
  • Minimum ignition energy
  • Minimum ignition temperature
  • Flash point test

Service Level and Capabilities

With our state-of-the-art accredited laboratories, large-scale testing equipment and flammability expert team, Alfa Chemistry can not only provide you with flammability data tested according to standards, but also simulate adverse process conditions such as high temperature and pressure. ) flammability characteristics under. We provide a full range of flammability testing services based on current standards and best industry practices.

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

Experienced team of materials chemists

Leading flame retardant technology

Reliable quality and standards

Fast turnaround times and great prices

Comprehensive and systematic testing and analysis services

Want To Reduce Flammability Risks?

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