In addition to the common halogen-based, phosphorus-based, nitrogen-based flame retardants, etc., here are some other types of flame retardants that Alfa Chemistry can provide customers, such as acid anhydrides, specific field flame retardants, etc.

Typical Product

  • In some specific fields, such as electrolytes, electronics, adhesives, etc., there are unique requirements for the performance of flame retardants. The specific flame retardants we can provide include, but are not limited to, flame retardants for electrolytes, adhesive flame retardants, electronic grade flame retardants, halogen-free TPEE flame retardants, carbonized anti-dripping agents, etc.
  • In addition, some acid anhydride compounds, calcium salts, sulfides, etc. with flame retardant effect can also be found in this list.

Research Information

Flame retardants for electrolytes

The synergistic effect of organofluorine and cyclophosphazene enables the electrolyte to exhibit high flame retardant efficiency and good electrochemical stability. For example, (trifluoroethoxy)pentafluorocyclotriphosphazene (TFPN) is used as a flame retardant additive. It is found that TFPN can not only make the electrolyte non-flammable, but also form a stable SEI layer at the Li-metal interface, thereby inhibiting the growth of Li dendrites and reducing the overpotential of Li stripping/deposition. [1] Similarly, ethoxy(pentafluoro)cyclotriphosphazene (PFPN) can also be used as a multifunctional flame retardant electrolyte additive for Li-ion batteries. PFPN can modify the solid electrolyte interface and reduce the charge transfer resistance of the battery. [2]

DSC curves of (a) electrolyte with/without PFPN, (b) heat flow profiles of the LixCoO2 with different contents of PFPNDSC curves of (a) electrolyte with/without PFPN, (b) heat flow profiles of the LixCoO2 with different contents of PFPN [1]

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