Heat Release Test of Flame Retardant Materials

Heat Release Test of Flame Retardant Materials

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Heat Release Test of Flame Retardant Materials

Heat release tests is a laboratory test used to determine the amount of heat released by a material or product at high temperatures. This test helps evaluate the fire performance characteristics of materials and products, including their flammability, flame resistance, and the rate at which they release heat during a fire event. During heat release tests, a small sample of a material or product is placed in a controlled environment, usually a combustion chamber. The sample is exposed to a specific heat source, such as a radiant panel or a flame, and the heat released over a specific period of time is measured. Heat release rates are typically measured in kilowatts (kW) or megawatts (MW) per unit sample area (square meters). This measurement helps assess the potential for fire growth and spread in realistic fire scenarios. A higher rate of heat release indicates a greater fire danger, as more heat is released, potentially leading to more severe fires and rapid spread.

What Can We Do?

Alfa Chemistry combines advanced experimental equipment and experienced materials chemists to provide physical and chemical property analysis and testing services for flame retardant materials, and provide you with detailed corresponding reports.

The heat release test related tests provided by Alfa Chemistry include cone calorimetry testing, microcalorimetry testing, etc. If you want to know more, please contact us today.


Heat release tests are commonly performed on a variety of products, including building materials, furniture, textiles, electrical equipment and automotive parts. These tests are often required by regulatory bodies such as fire safety agencies and building regulations to ensure a product is safe and meets fire performance requirements.

Why Is Heat Release Tests Necessary?

Heat release test is of great significance in the development of flame retardant materials, and can provide effective basis for combustion safety performance evaluation, selection and design of flame retardant materials. Its test results are used for product development, quality control and regulatory compliance purposes.

  • Conducting heat release tests on materials can evaluate the heat release generated by flame-retardant materials during the combustion suppression process, thereby determining the burning performance of flame-retardant materials under severe conditions such as fires.
  • The heat release test helps to understand the heat data during the combustion process and can prevent the development and extent of the fire.
  • Helps in material comparison and improves fire safety.

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